Big Spring, TX - Lake Jackson, TX
(486 miles)
Here are some cost estimates for moving from Big Spring to Lake Jackson (486 miles) depending on the size of your home:
BedroomsMoving Estimate
Studio$920 - $1130
1$1190 - $1450
2$1480 - $1810
3$1800 - $2200
4$2150 - $2620
5+$2520 - $3080
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How much does it cost to move from Big Spring, Texas to Lake Jackson, Texas? The distance is 486 miles, so most of the moving cost will be in transporting your furniture and boxes.

The actual moving cost depends on the size of your home and how much stuff you have. Long distance moving companies typically charge by volume.

For example, a studio apartment costs $920 to $1130, a one bedroom apartments costs $1190 to $1450, a two bedroom costs $1480 to $1810, a three bedroom costs $1800 to $2200, a four bedroom house costs $2150 to $2620, a five bedroom house costs $2520 to $3080, and anything larger would cost even more.